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Drtykilla   registered to The Four Aces Outfit
Falkieri   registered to The Four Aces Outfit
Saberwolf1836   registered to The Four Aces Outfit
XanderWiFiWebsite is closed. Add xanderwifi on steam to coordinate discord invites.
DeeCavLooks like the schedule for 3.0 puts it around a June release!! super exciting!!
Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 | Features & Schedule
Welcome to some more Star Citizen, today I wanted to talk ab...
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XanderWiFiTS stopped. Move to outfit discord
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x3z8   D:
Kahul Bane   What about the star citizen and other groups?
Dauntless07   My invite expired, can I get directions of how to join on Discord? I won't know how when the site goes down.
Kahul Bane[link]
Star Citizen News | 2.6.3 LIVE & Planetary Outposts
Welcome to some more Star Citizen News, taking all of the la...
DeathsPsychedelicHey miss you guys
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SerfXander won first prize of best leader and this was his prize
Steam Community :: Screenshot :: first prize ot Xander
Steam Community: ARK: Survival Evolved. first prize ot Xander
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XanderWiFi   lol nice timing
BANE   registered to The Four Aces Outfit
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DeathsPsychedelic   Good to have you
Friday March 10, 2017

Important: you need to OWN a rex with 20,000+ Health and 500+ Melee Damage.

Additional Info: On Thursday ---> Farming artifact, gear, brews, weapon for the EVENT.
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XanderWiFi   Booyah!
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TaKiere   Woah thats really cool
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XanderWiFiMid battle. Doesn't do it justice.
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